The spiritual is the lived experience of the Divine


God, Salvation, Paradise, the Promised Land, Heavenly Jerusalem, Nirvana, the Satori, the Holy Land of Islam, Tao, Self-Awareness, Cosmic Awareness, Christly Consciousness, Divine Consciousness, Vacuity, Awakening, Illumination, the Absolute, the Ultimate Reality, What Is without Name or Shape, Non-Duality, That, the Divine Self.

These expressions seem to have different meanings, but do they have something in common?

In the field of words they seem so different and to have each an own signification. But are words Truth?

For such a long time men have torn themselves to pieces because of Truth, for they stick to the letter of the spirit instead of understanding the spirit of the letter. Human beings consider words, books, speeches, believes as Truth.

Spirituality teaches Truth trough the lived experience of the Divine, the ultimate Reality, our universal and eternal Identity beyond our human, religious, cultural, ethnic, national and social identities.

The Spiritual is the lived experience of the ultimate Reality of the universe and our-selves, which allows us to discover our true spiritual Identity that is eternally Love, Happiness, Peace and perfect Freedom.

The spiritual experience

Spiritual experience is not a question of belief and does not result from reading a book or listening to a fine speech.

It occurs when we are ready to let go of everything, of the identification with our body, our desires, believes, our own life.

At that moment we are completely covered in energy, an energy of a power, a peace, a tenderness and infinite love, which penetrates the deepest parts of our-selves.

From that moment we surrender completely to this wonderful energy and rely totally in it. And from that moment the energy guides us and we become free of all worries and apprehensions. A deep peace sweeps over us, there is no past, no future, we are living in the eternal Present, in the here and now. We are in a state of Bliss, Happiness, Peace and perfect Freedom.

Excerpt from the book "Spiritual Identity beyond our identities":

→ "The world as I had been perceiving it until now disappeared completely. Then suddenly I entered a sublime Light, and a new state of consciousness where everything was perfect Light, perfect Unity, perfect Life. Human shapes, nature, the trees, the plants, the animals, the stones were in truth Light. Their appearances were still there, but they were not living through their own selves. They were a manifestation of Life, of the eternal and universal Light, which motivates all things. Now everything was bathing in a Light, a Life, a Harmony and a Unity, all of them perfect. And I gradually realised that myself, as a physical body, a human being, I had become a manifestation, an expression of this Life and this boundless Light..."


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