My journey from a spiritual perspective


Dear friends,

Here are a few lines a summary of my life journey from a spiritual perspective. First I am not a guru but a traveler on the way. I think I'm on the road since I was born in this world with the human body. I have always felt different, more lonely than others. At around 18 I asked a psychic if it was my last incarnation on earth.

Then I met some friends who enlightened me and stop me to sink into drugs. This is partly, thanks to them, that I'm here today.

I always wanted another happiness, another way than what the society offered me.

→ To 17 I left my body and went to incredible speed to a light at the end of a tunnel. Then a voice or maybe a thought made me understand that it was not my time, I had to return to earth.

→ Many years later I went out of my body again but this time I was in a sphere that brought me to a "place" where I heard voices and saw the head of a man who says "what are you doing here ?" And I found myself instantly in my body.

These experiences made me understand that it is useless to seek life, happiness elsewhere, on other planets. They also brought me to have an open attitude to the "unknown".

But I also always felt guided by a "force", a "power" far beyond me, protecting me and that is the Life that animates me, that animates all things.

Then I spent some 13 years on the roads of India, Southeast Asia, Japan and Australia with a lot of experience, discovery and sharing life moments with beings apparently different from me by their cultures, their philosophies, their ways of living but with whom I felt familiar, in unity. In Asia I have always felt "at home".

Perhaps these experiences, this course of life have prepared me to live the spiritual experience that I share in my book.

But I did not try this experiment. As one Indian spiritual master say: "It just happen". It just happened, so I just wanted to tour the beautiful island of Bali by motorcycle.

This experience is not a perception of reality that is beyond us. Because for there to be perception must be someone who sees something. Out when in the spiritual experience there is no ego, so nobody to perceive something. It is a total immersion in the divine Self. This is the state without ego, the spiritual awakening.

Now is there method for "reach" this state of enlightenment? certainly yes. Self-presence, meditation, yoga, the question "Who am I" ? and especially the total letting go of what we believe to be to awaken to who we are.

And then there is life itself, the one we live daily. It is our master, our daily exercise. Our yoga. Our experience.

That's what I can tell you based on my own experience, not books, speeches or religious or scientific theories.

The only thing that matters is our life experience and what we do with this experience.


Alain Badan


My journey, pdf

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